D — as in *Doing time in Hell

Donna Karan and her legacy of fashion royalty is a cautionary tale.  Watch out for a woman drunk on power, copying a sleazy Hollywood mogul — She is Harvey Weinstein — with a self-proclaimed gilded pussy.

I will champion any talented woman who has made it to the top of her industry, except for Donna.  Her appalling comment *women are asking for it* said in defense of her old pervy-pal, Harvey,  didn't surprise me; I used to design for her million-dollar brand, DKNY Jeans.

Worst. Job. Ever. 

K — as in *Knowing your craft will not get you ahead.

The toxic environment she cultivated was a place where back-stabbing women thrived and were REWARDED for bringing severed heads to the queen. The devil wore DKNY, and every other brand she licensed. Talented designers from all over the world were fair game for her fashion bully-minions who knew more about bully-ing than apparel design. I lost count of the many times my work was stolen off my desk by some chick flashing a belly-button ring who'd take the credit. Nothing against belly-button rings, but wearing one doesn't mean you can draft new ideas for clothing that will sell in a competitive market. It was every woman for herself. Meanwhile the male designers got to skip the sorority hazing and collect much fatter paychecks.

N — as in *Never again. 

I didn't last long at Donna's company, but I will never forget the catty abuse I suffered on a daily basis. Call me thin skinned, but when I showed up all showered and ready for a team meeting, I wasn't prepared for a female diva director to tell everyone in the room that *I smelled*.  I hadn't experienced that level of alpha-mean-girl since the third grade. 

Glad I busted my ass to earn an Ivy League degree when this was what was waiting for me in the work place. 

Y — as in *Y* am I sharing this story?

Trust me it's not because I'm a disgruntled ex-employee. I went on to flourish in my design career — AND help other talented women up the ladder. Nothing makes me happier than mentoring others when I am in a position to do so.

The Y is simple — Women must do better for other women.

I am embarrassed for my gender when one of us is given a teeny weeny slice of power, and she uses it to knock down another woman. We are on the same team, stupid. 

The lady-bully has no place in our shared world, and yet she still takes the best seat in the house! Who is this self-preserving, narcissist blocking our view and our collective success? She is every educated woman who voted for Trump, every Sara Huckabee Sanders, every drone from HR who ignores reports of sexual harassment, and every mother jealous of her own daughter. 

We can all do better than this.

Younger women who fell victim to powerful perves — You did not *ask for it*.  Go walk your dog in nothing but a bra; it's your right to look hot. But also, remember to reserve some respect, empathy, and humor for your older self — In a few tomorrows the average man will be drooling at a younger version of you too. How will that make you feel?   

Older women, stop hating and slut-shaming the PYTs. Just stop. Many of them are scared, clueless and seeking a wise friend — so B / one.  Remember, she probably doesn't want to seduce your man — he's too old.  

With a little grace and generosity of spirit — We. Can. Do. This.     


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