I don't even know if calling a person by phone is normal in 2017.

Is it?

Is leaving that long-ish message – that get's deleted before it's heard – not happening anymore?

Last time I checked, texting had killed the voicemail-star. The average nobody now multi-crams facebook-ing, online bills, emails, tweets, pinterest-pinning, pod-cast listening, eating-a-cheese-plate-standing-up-in-the-kitchening, while binging three seasons of Orange is the New Black – all of it– into one day.

Who has time for a stupid voice mail?

That's why I never bothered to call Grace Slick for an interview. Sorry. I knew she wouldn't be listening. She's an Icon.

People who've already made rock and roll history as the lead singer for Jefferson Airplane do not have more time.  When you're known for famous songs like Somebody to Love, and Volunteers, you've got other shit to do.

You're Grace Slick.

A VM to Grace

 But let’s just say – not meaning to be annoying – I called and left one such rambin’, run-on message in her VM inbox. What would I say?

Likely this:

Hi. Grace?  

Um…This is Petra…probably your tallest female fan in history. I was barely six months old during the summer of love...But what do a few decades mean anymore? I wanted to tell you that my band went through a political phase at the peak of the Bush administration, we covered Volunteers … Wow…I loved that song, Grace! I sang it wearing a kimono I made out of the American flag. Thank you for putting your music into the world —  Thank you for the joy it brought us!

(Sound of train over bridge distracts me) Sh*t… I forgot why I was calling… (snort giggle) Sorry for the long message...(then bleeps from an incoming call… i.d. can’t identify caller)… F*cking telemarketers! (pushing every button, enraged) This is the THIRD time The MAN has interrupted my call to Grace!

Awkward silence. End of call.

There’s a reason no one uses the phone anymore.

Just start a revolution.

We already know what Grace accomplished on her A /side – she started LOVE revolutions. 

And years later, look what happened out in the streets...

Covering VOLUNTEERS with gaijin à go go in brooklyn

Covering VOLUNTEERS with gaijin à go go in brooklyn

This month celebrates The Queen B/sider, Grace Slick because she’s never stopped… starting revolutions. 

Please take a deep Samurai-style bow to honor this diva leader of Rock and Revolution.

In Praise of Lady Grace!

In Praise of Lady Grace!

The Grace Bomb.

Last week she shared a big secret of her B /side; it is about selling out to the highest bidder.  She told Forbes the truth behind her license deal with Chick-Fil-A, a company apparently founded by the devil-who went-down-to-Georgia. The trashy chicken sandwich chain heavily donates to the anti-gay marriage cause as ‘philanthropy’.


So why did Grace sell them rights to her hit song, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now?

Because all that money is going directly to Lambda Legal, the big wigs working to protect the rights of the LGBTQ community.

Now, that's what I call a Slick-Fil-A.

But also — Boom-Chick-A-Boom!

Ok. I'll stop there. 

Rx – Killer B/Side : White Rabbit — Jefferson Airplane

Killer B /s

Killer B /s

Nope. Not doing that...

Nope. Not doing that...