Wait.   That song was on side B?

Wait. That song was on side B?


I'm Free — The Rolling Stones

Howling for You — The Black Keys

Vogue — Madonna

Roam — The B/ 52's

Come On Eileen — Dexy's Midnight Runners

Don't Bring Me Down — ELO

Smoke on the Water — Deep Purple

Wind Cried Mary — Jimi Hendrix

Brain Damage/Eclipse — Pink Floyd

Here Come's the Sun — The Beatles



Did your head just pop off?

This is nuts! Major chart-busters — that were on the B /side? 

Why? Because someone didn't believe in them when they were born. The A/side is often a corporate crap-shoot of  low risk, predictable music that is designed for the lowest common denominator.  What's *trending* is safe, but not always great stuff. Remember Falco

To be fair — there are AMAZING songs on the A/side — but they get all the attention and air time they deserve. Tracks like Howling for You, that migrated from the B /side and became a hit are refreshing.

The B/side ain't a graveyard. 

Who knew Smoke On the Water — the most over-played song by amateur guitarists — wasn't on side A? Discovering these tracks weren't made for the mainstream, makes me feel pretty good about the B/side situation; it makes me want to clap and sing and get up on the dance floor...

And never step down again.

So if you're hearing the lunatic in your head, the twilight tweeter of doom and gloom, tell him to shut up.  Keep striving. Keep creating. The B/side needs your vision, and voice — NOT another fucking Zombie movie. 

The Darker Dark side of the moon

The Darker Dark side of the moon

The Thing About Being a Thing

The Thing About Being a Thing

The Not So Lonely Hearts

The Not So Lonely Hearts