Summer of Love Killer B/s

Summer of Love Killer B/s

The set list to cure hate. 

There's nothing like skipping down a dirt path barefooted, wearing nothing but a tie-dye blanket covered in twigs and party puke. When you've had too much of everything — pills, pervs and rock and roll — But you refuse to leave. Because the music is waaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooo goooooooood! 

Sorry I missed the greatest summer ever. I wasn't alive.  Fifty years ago some of the best albums in the universe were born:  Magical Mystery Tour...Are You Experienced...Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band...Smiley Smile....And SO MANY MORE!  The Summer of Love was one of the rare times in history when most of the B/sides were also hits. Too many songs defined the era — too many you already know. 

Enjoy this curated list of  Killer B/s to honor the 💜 fifty years later.  Put on a pair of dirty jeans, grab a cutie and go roll in grass... Or smoke it. Now that it's legal. Snortgiggle.

1. The Strawberry Alarm Clock — Incense and Peppermint

2. The Electric Prunes — Get Me To The World On Time

3. Donovan — Oh Gosh!

4. The Doors — Take It As It Comes

5. Cream — Tales of Brave Ulysses 

6. The Smoke — The Weather is Sunny

7. The Stones — Complicated

8. The Chocolate Watch Band — Gone and Passed By

9. The Beatles — Baby You're a Rich Man

10. The Beach Boys — Good Vibrations

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