Are we there yet? Are we grown-ass midults? And are we slaying

I'm asking because I've never hit the milestones — marriage, kids or divorce — and I don't know what passes as 'slayer' in our world today. The boxes I've left unchecked have caused a round of raised eyebrows, and the feeling that I've been disqualified.  It's got me asking bigger questions : Is life about checking the mainstream boxes? Or is it about finding what the soul craves most?  

Is your glass full of self-doubt too?  Cheers — You might be a B/Sider.  

Shall we set the record straight? 

Just like vintage vinyl, there are two sides to our life story. Sure, the A/side's got the familiar hits. But the B/side's where you'll find the rare gems and edgier riffs — the songs that grow on you long after the top forty get played to death. They weren't created for mass consumption; the musicians wanted to write them — once the pressure was off — and they were free to explore and get to the crux.

What's a B/sider? 

B/sider's are driven by passion — and not what's trending. We are people who don't long for fame, social media 👍's, or doing something just-for-the-paycheck; we do it for our nourishment. We seek an understanding of what our soul needs to thrive.  We are pioneers hacking new paths, moving to remote places, learning new languages, and disrupting the status quo by daring to follow our edgier dreams — Because, we believe groove is in the heart.

 Which side would you rather spin today? 

 A/sides can be iconic and sexy. I spent my thirties as a pop star in Japan — talk about an ego trip. But all that glitters, ends abruptly — especially when youth and hotness are the emphasis. Mine left me with a lot of questions: What if the ship sailed without me? How do I start over at 40? Maybe you also suffered a burn out trying to having-it-all. Maybe you're wondering, is this is end of the record?

Just flip it. 

Close your eyes and listen to a riff you haven’t heard in a while — the sound of your indie-soul, the part you neglected when life got in the way: You took a crap job just for security. You stayed in a bad relationship. You tried to win a medal... Your B/side doesn’t care if your life didn’t go as planned, if you succeeded or failed, if your ex ran away with a spoon — this is your take 2

Turn off the noise of the mainstream...

What if it wasn't about 'slaying' in a life ill-suited for your spirit?  Or keeping up with industries, where you now qualify as an 'old' intern? What if it wasn't about your age and hotness? What if life was about shaking the universe with your vital pulse?  

Turn on your groove.

Imagine the person you’ll be, once you find your anthem — free to change careers, to let go of fear, to break an old habit, to play the ukulele, or to move out, and move on — It’s your B/side. And I want to help you get there...

Let the B/side provide. 

The B/sider offers a live storytelling series, a podcast, killer B set lists, and a radical blog to keep you going —  B/ inspired.  B/ out of bounds.  B/ your fucking self.  Check out some treasures I found spinning the Bs: 

We Will Rock You — Queen

God Only Knows — The Beach Boys

You Can’t Always Get What You Want — The Rolling Stones

Catch you on the B/Side?